TN5250 Setup

TN5250 is the App used in the iPad to connect to your AS/400. Here are the instructions to install and configure this App on your iPad.

  1. First of all, tap on the App Store icon on your iPad.

  2. Now do a Search for "tn5250"

  3. As show below you want the TN5250 App from MochaSoft which currently has a price tag of $29.99. The main difference between this version and the Lite version which is free, is that the Lite version does not have the function keys (ex. F1, F3, F12, etc). So I'm quite sure you will want to purchase the app to get that functionality.
    So click on the $29.99 icon to start the installation process.
  4. What's the App is installed, go back to the home screen tap on it.

  5. Click on "New" to add a configuration.

  6. Tap on the AS/400 IP address field. And enter the address of your AS/400. Note that is always starts with 42. and ends in .13. For example

  7. Now tap on Connect and then tap on the AS/400 you setup.

  8. You will see this connecting screen for a moment and then you should see the login screen for you AS/400.