Mac PPTP VPN Setup

This document will help with the process of setting up a PPTP VPN to a Dealer Network Appliance or Dealer Network Router.

Open Network Preferences

Open System Preferences by going to the Apple menu on the top left of your screen and choosing "System Preferences..."

Click on Network to go the network settings where we can setup the VPN connection.

Then click on the little + button on the bottom left of the window as show in the screenshot above.

Now for the Interface choose VPN, for the VPN Type choose PPTP, and for the Service Name enter StoreVPN.

Enter the information for Server Address and Account Name as provided by NOS phone support.
Also you probably want to check the box that says "Show VPN status in menu bar"

Then click on Authentication Settings.

Enter the password provided by phone support and click OK.

Going back to the previous screenshot click on Advanced close to the bottom right of the window.
Check the box that says "Send all traffic over VPN connection", and click OK.

Now finally click on Apply on the lower right part of the screen.

To connect click on the Connect button or go to the VPN button on the top of your screen and choose "Connect StoreVPN"

And that's it! When you are finished using it you will probably want to choose Disconnect to speed up your local network usage.