iPad PPTP VPN Setup

For many dealers we have setup PPTP VPN servers to allow you to connect to your AS/400 directly from anywhere in the world.

Here are step by step instructions to configure your iPad.

  1. On your iPad find the Settings icon and tap on it

  2. Now under General tap on Network

  3. Now tap on VPN

  4. Now tap on "Add VPN Configuration"

  5. At the top tap on PPTP so that is has a blue background as show below. Enter StoreVPN under Description. For Server, Account, and Password enter the values appropriate for your store. If you need help with these exact settings consult our support team.
    When finished entering the configuration click on Save.

  6. Now to connect, on the left sidebar tap VPN, then if StoreVPN does not have a mark beside it tap on it, and then finally tap on the On/Off switch at the top. It should currently be in the Off position.

  7. When you are connected the switch should be in the On position and it will give you a connected time.

  8. That is it! You are now connected to your store over VPN.